Forecasting Heavy Clouds, Intermittent Participation

In the final few days of the Technology call, the first of five for Canada’s Digital Compass, it struck me that one of the really interesting things about this site is that some of the kinds of ideas that you think will crop up might not and other totally unique ideas surface instead.

As I write this, there is one submission that touches on cloud computing and as I looked around the web, cloud computing seems to be on everyone’s list of “technologies to watch” and yet it isn’t the hottest topic on the site, in the sense that there are more ideas on wireless technologies, for example. When I checked out some of the usual suspects in the analyst world, cloud and computing and mobile (both computing and applications) are the overwhelming choices for technology trends in 2010.

But maybe that is one of the reasons more cloud submissions haven’t popped up on the site. If everyone is jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon, how does Canada differentiate itself and take a leadership position? The other big trend on everyone’s list is of course social and there’s no doubt that that is one of the hottest areas in the Canadian tech sector.

Another topic I thought we’d see discussion around would be mobile payments and RFID technologies. If the recession taught us one thing, it is that Canadian banks are more stable and better at managing risk than many of our international counterparts. So is there an opportunity to be digital innovators in mobile banking?

At the end of the day, whether it is ideas about cloud computing, wireless technologies or social, the submissions are showcasing the wisdom of the crowd. Which is the point of the site – capturing ideas and creating a discussion and debate from with a of diverse group of contributors.

It’s been a great first week of discussion on the Canada’s Digital Compass site and early next week the expert panel will name their top picks from the Technology call. People came, submitted ideas, voted and debated in greater numbers than we expected for the first week as word slowly got out about the site. Having said that, there’s still time to make a submission, vote on your favourite idea or wade into the discussion.

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  1. Neil McEvoy says:

    Hey Carrie

    Yes, if I had been on time my submission for the tech stream would have been “Semweb Cloud Computing”.

    I’ve been in the Cloud space for quite some time and yes, if the question is how can Canada take a leadership role in the global tech industry then right now Cloud is the answer/ #1 area of focus.

    As you say it’s then a question of differentiation within that field. For example I’d suggest the other equally large development is Tim BL’s Semantic Web vision, what the ‘3.0′ label is usually associated with.

    Concentrating where these two fields overlap is a powder keg for sure, so the Canada 3.0 name would work really well for this goal.

    Cheers! Neil.

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